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About Our Business

What We Stand For

More than Just Numbers!
More than Just Looking after ourselves!

Every business is in business to make a profit; to provide for themselves and their families, and we want to be able to help you do that more efficiently and effectively.  We all need time to work, rest and play, and when we can lift the financial planning burden from your shoulders, you have more time to enjoy what you love doing; whether that be work, rest or play.

However, we also recognise that there are many people that are far less fortunate than us who struggle to have even the very basic things in life and we want to help them too.  They don’t need our accounting expertise and tax knowledge; they need funds to provide clean water, basic education and a right to freedom from slavery. So we are committed to passing on a small amount from each fee we earn to help change others’ world for the better too.  We are currently supporting, Action Aid—providing clean water in the third world,Hope for Justice in the fight against trafficking and slavery, and the Ark Project in Isleham.

How do we change the world?  Little by little—each one of us playing our part.

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